More and more weapons in Baden-Württemberg

The gunman from Hamburg also legally owned his semi-automatic pistol with a gun owner’s license. (icon picture) Photo: imago//Michael Schöne The number of gun ownership cards increased again in 2022. With the permit one can buy and own live firearms like those of the gunman in Hamburg. Share this article In Baden-Württemberg there are more […]

IZH: Leipzig Book Fair cancels the Hamburg Islamic Center as an exhibitor

Hamburg IZH Leipzig Book Fair cancels the Hamburg Islamic Center as an exhibitor Stand: 28.02.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes The Islamic Center Hamburg is located in the Imam Ali Mosque What: Bertold Fabricius You can listen to our WELT podcasts here In order to display embedded content, your revocable consent to the transmission and […]

Homeowner Allowance: The tax limits do not keep pace with inflation

Et these days there is a lot of talk about the alienation between politics and the population. About the fact that in the government district decisions are made that ignore the reality of people’s lives. A decision by the Ministry of Construction is a perfect example of this: As of June, his boss Klara Geywitz […]

Darmstadt’s mayoral candidate on culture

Darmstadt ⋅ When the umbrella organization of cultural associations in Darmstadt wants to know from the candidates for the upcoming mayoral election on March 19, what culture can expect from them if they win the election, the basic tenor is given. There is hardly any talk of possible atrocities. Accordingly, all ten women and men […]

How much did Baden-Württemberg spend on Corona?

Corona tests caused costs in the hundreds of millions. Photo: dpa/Moritz Frankenberg The corona crisis cost the state government billions. Aid programs, tests, vaccination centers – what a lot was spent on and what should happen with the “leftover” money. The fight against Corona was expensive – not only for many companies in Baden-Württemberg, but […]

Green Vault: Shortly before midnight, the lawyer handed over the jewelry

An the evening of December 16, 2022, Jörg B. received a phone call that electrified him. The 47-year-old detective has been working for the “Epaulette” team in Dresden for years, which investigates the theft of the jewel treasure from the Green Vault in 2019. Officer B. helped to apprehend the seven suspects who have been […]

Up to 2000 euros per household: Heating oil and pellet customers are also relieved

Up to 2000 euros per household Heating oil and pellet customers will also be relieved 12/13/2022, 6:57 p.m Price brakes for gas and electricity customers are already planned. But people who heat with wood, oil or other fuels should not be left out either: the federal government is providing aid totaling 1.8 billion euros. The […]

Youth and Education – The Greens Solingen

18.11.21 – “It’s really amazing what Dagmar Becker and her team are doing in the field of cultural education in Solingen,” said parliamentary group spokeswoman Juliane Hilbricht. “The current award from the Ministry of Culture and Science ennobles the cooperation between… Current | fraction | youth and education | cultural | Presse | Solingen More

State government: Lower Saxony: SPD votes for coalition with the Greens – politics

Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil has the support of his SPD for a coalition with the Greens. Photo: Lino Mirgeler/dpa Red-Green is Prime Minister Stephan Weil’s (SPD) declared alliance of choice for the next five years in Lower Saxony. Now the formation of a coalition has taken a step forward. Hanover – After coalition […]

Language as the key to the world

Darmstadt ⋅ The city of Darmstadt intends to spend more than half a million euros on its own to continue the federal program for language day-care centers, which will officially expire at the end of the year. As the operator of 30 day-care centers, of which 18 facilities have so far taken advantage of the […]