Protests in Lima: group of vandals planned to set fire to the América TV headquarters with gasoline | TikTok | Pan American TV | Channel N | RMMN | LIME

Last Monday night various television and radio houses were attacked by hooded vandals. Among them, the main headquarters of América Televisión, located at the crossroads of Jirón Montero Rosas and Mariano Carranza street, in the Santa Beatriz urbanization (Cercado de Lima). Through a live broadcast via TikTok it was heard that the protesters they intended […]

New testimony would complicate the future of Antonio Laje on América TV

Last year, América TV was at the center of the controversy after María Belén Ludueña left the program she hosts. Antonio Lajeby denouncing irregularities in the treatment he received. The journalist’s testimony on that occasion served to encourage many other station workers to speak up to unmask Antonio Lajeregarding their attitudes. Maria Belen Luduena. Photo: […]