American Express, the credit card company the first foreign operating in China

ILLUSTRATION. The Central Bank of China (PBOC) to receive the submission of licensing from American Express to start operations in China in January 2020 ago. Reporter: Dina Mirayanti Hutauruk | Editor: Khomarul Hidayat KONTAN.CO.ID – SHANGHAI. The Central Bank of China or The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has given final approval to the clearing […]

Investment experts were too euphoric

Frankfurt At the end of the week, many investors have regained their courage after there have been some hopeful reports in the fight against the corona virus. Even if a drug to treat Covid-19 was found quickly, the way back to normality would be a long and rocky one, said portfolio manager Thomas Altmann from […]

Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S & P500: US exchanges remain on recovery

Dusseldorf For the third day in a row, the US stock markets posted gains on Wednesday. In addition to the hope that the worst of the corona pandemic in the United States will soon be over, leftist Senator Bernie Sanders’ exit from the Democratic pre-election campaign provided additional boost to the stock markets. The Dow […]

US exchanges continue positive weekly trend

Dusseldorf For the third day in a row, the US stock markets opened up. The US leading index Dow Jones rose by 1.1 percent to 22,893 points, the broader S&P 500 and the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite also rose 1.1 percent and are thus at 2685 and 7976 points. The US stocks are still in a […]

Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S & P500: US exchanges slightly down

Dusseldorf For the second day in a row, the US stock market started the day with strong gains. In the course of trading, the most important indices lost their profits again and fell slightly into the red. The Dow Jones lost 0.1 percent and closed at 22,653 points. The broader S&P 500 lost 0.2 percent […]

Downhill on Wall Street continues

new York The fear of the economic consequences of the corona virus epidemic will not let go of the stock marketers. After the U.S. health authorities warned of an outbreak in the United States, Wall Street slid significantly on Tuesday, posting losses for the fourth consecutive day. Already the previous day there had been violent […]

Within the future of Berkshire Hathaway without Warren Buffett

When Warren Buffett turns 90 in August, it would be natural for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders to celebrate their success and worry about the future of the extraordinary company he built. In his 55 years at the helm as CEO, president and chief investment officer, Buffett turned a troubled textile manufacturer into a conglomerate of $ […]

American Express canceled my cards and will not return my points

Dear John: I have been fighting the 900 lb. gorilla known as American Express for the past two years. And I could use some help. For many years, I had an American Express gold card for personal use and an AmEx platinum card for my business. Both cards were paid in full each month. At […]

American Express reports sharp drop in earnings

American Express The trend towards online shopping affects American Express numbers. (Photo: AP) new York The credit card provider American Express earned significantly less at the end of the year despite continuing high US consumer spending. In the fourth quarter, earnings fell 16 percent year-over-year to $ 1.7 billion, the US financial firm said on […]