For parents it’s sporty too

Seghir Lazri works on the theme of social vulnerability of athletes. In this column, he takes a few pictures of sport through the social sciences. How the social explains sport, and vice versa. The case of French Juventus player Adrien Rabiot caused a lot of reaction this week. In question, the alleged “personal strike” of […]

Should we only be delighted with the arrival of film enthusiasts on Netflix?

This post is from the new daily newsletter of the Culture department of Release, sent every evening. To register, simply enter your email address here. When we grew up in the 80s, the son of immigrant workers, in a town of 4,000 inhabitants in a department known to be the champion in all categories of […]

Young Gun Silver Fox, FM band

What a funny guy, this Shawn Lee. Hyperactive musician, jumping from one style to another, with a manifestly pronounced taste for records from the 70s, especially soul, funk, pop or jazz. Hands-on discography as plethoric as labyrinthine (we talk about forty albums in twenty years), multiplying projects, from his Ping Pong Orchestra to the Young […]