Apple faces Fortnite creator in court

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple will face off in a California court on Monday against the company behind the popular video game Fortnite, reviving a high-stakes antitrust battle over the iPhone maker’s policies on its app store. Oral arguments Monday before three judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco are the latest […]

They traffic wild animals through Facebook in Mexico

Mexico City.- A new report suggests that the trafficking of wild and endangered species is common in Mexico and occurs mainly online, where traffickers contact potential customers through social networks such as Facebook. The Center for Biological Diversity said in a report Wednesday that it had contacted people through Facebook groups in Mexico who sell […]

Arizona remains epicenter of election misinformation

UNITED STATES.- Arizona remained the epicenter of post-election misinformation on Thursday as vote counting continued in the state. Many of the misleading claims circulating two days after the election centered around printing problems that prevented vote counters from reading some of the ballots. The problem sparked conspiracy theories about vote rigging that spread despite explanations […]

Voting Problem Fuels Conspiracy Theories

PHOENIX — A misprint at 60 polling places in Arizona’s most populous county caused voting delays Tuesday, but election officials guaranteed all ballots would be counted. Still, the issue fueled conspiracy theories about the integrity of elections in the state. Former President Donald Trump, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and others said Democrats were trying […]

76ers beat Bulls

CHICAGO — Joel Embiid had 25 points, including three on a terrific tiebreaking long-range shot, as the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Chicago Bulls 114-109 on Saturday. Philadelphia led by 19 points midway through the second period before Chicago put up a good run to get back in the game heading into halftime. The Bulls actually […]

Jeffrey Dahmer’s father to sue Netflix

The Netflix series Dahmer – Monster: the story of Jeffrey Dahmer continues to be in the eye of the hurricane. Since the streaming video platform premiered this fiction signed by Ryan Murphy on September 21, the title has not stopped making headlines that range from good reviews of the producer or the leading actor, the […]

Invites El Paso Zoo to Halloween Celebration

El Paso.- The El Paso Zoo invites the border community to enjoy its traditional “Boo at the Zoo” Halloween event. There will be 12 candy stations at the event for visitors under the age of 12 to trick-or-treat. “The day will also be filled with lots of animal enrichment, entertainment and much more,” the El […]

They ask citizens to donate branches of pruned trees

Ciudad Juárez.- The director of Parks and Gardens, Daniel Iván Zamarrón Saldaña, invited citizens to take the tree branches resulting from pruning to the dependency, with the purpose of generating organic matter that can be used as compost for the ground of green areas. “We invite you to bring us all the material that is […]