At war with boredom: barred western, surrealism and variétoc

1-With opium western Those who have retained the name of S. Craig Zahler for his remarkable thriller Dragged over the bitumen, released directly on video on demand and in the hollow of last summer, will be delighted to learn that his first feature has landed on Prime Video. Released in 2015, Bone Tomahawk works the […]

Dany Laferrière’s exile to treasures

In the center of the cover of Exile is worth the trip sits a very colorful snail whose spiral is reminiscent of that of the belly of Ubu King of Jarry. The author does not take himself seriously and likes the ironic link between the gastropod and the trip. The following pages are colorful, full […]

Jean Daniel: from the love of literature committed to pen journalism

Young, his idols were Gide and Malraux. In the book case of his older sister Mathilde, the teenager one day comes across the Journal pages from the first. He read it in one go, then the whole work. Literature fascinated him, some writers too. Thanks to Gide, he read Dostoyevsky, Taha Hussein, Tagore, Dashiell Hammett, […]

Exhibition “Fantastic Women” in the Schirn

Dhe show in the Schirn is an overwhelming course and it is a school of seeing. Around 260 works by more than thirty artists from eleven countries, from Europe, the United States and Mexico hang in front of the walls in all shades of red, which structure the structure of the Kunsthalle. The subtitle for […]