This was the summit of the bullfighting figures: from the outrage with Pablo Iglesias to the squats of Morante de la Puebla

The dome of bullfighting met this Monday. Convened by Cristina Snchez and El Juli, patrons of the Toro de Lidia Foundation,“in 24 hours”all confirmed their presence.Fundi,Ponce,Morante,Perera,Castella,Cayetano,Apple orchards,King RockandPablo Aguado.Jos TomsHe did not participate, but asked that he be counted on and informed of what was being said. The matadors Paco were also presentUreaandManuel Escribano, who […]

Bullfighting launches the #EchaUnCapote campaign against the coronavirus from Cayetano’s hand

Updated Tuesday, 14 April 2020 –17:28 All proceeds from the campaign will go to FESBAL (Spanish Federation of Food Banks) Bullfighters, ranchers, banderilleros, picadores, waiters, businessmen, journalists or bullfighting fans have joined in this solidarity action to help in the fight against the coronavirus.All proceeds from the campaign will go to FESBAL(Spanish Federation of Food […]