Evil in the Pyrenees – Culture / Next

The valley, Bernard Minier’s latest novel, comes out in bookstores this week. After a getaway to Hong Kong two years ago with M, the edge of the abyss, a futuristic thriller featuring a young computer scientist, a Chinese digital giant and a malicious AI, the author reconnects with his native Pyrenees and his familiar heroes: […]

Coronavirus. Indian workers’ anguish stranded in Dubai

Meghaj lost her job overnight. Due to the containment measures decided by the authorities, the computer repair shop where the young Indian had worked for three years, in the historic district of Dubai, closed on March 16. He has nothing left to buy flour or rice. He survives on food aid distributed by the Indian […]

For athletes, “the retail world has given way to a blurry period”

Does containment promote the development of depressive disorders in professional athletes? A recent study by the medical service of the International Federation of Professional Football Associations (FIFpro) tends to show this: 57% of footballers have shown signs of depression since the end of competitions. Edouard Philippe’s announcements do not reassure them since the Prime Minister […]

Cured Covid-19: “As if you were touching your marrow with a trowel”

They drooled. Sweat. Coughed. Sometimes kept a log of their symptoms. They managed their fear or considered making a will. But they survived. With or without antibiotics. With or without the famous chloroquine of which the Marseille professor Didier Raoult extols the merits. “98% of people recover”, recalls Jérôme Salomon, the director general of health […]

Ballastegui “At first I was distressed and lost my motivation”

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics until 2021 has been the wisest and most necessary decision in the face of a coronavirus crisis. However, for some athletes, the IOC’s decision has been a tough one. Especially for the younger ones and those starting out as Olympians. This is the case of Manel Balastegui from Lladon. […]

Coronavirus: on Facebook, nurses organize their networks

Alice (1) and her friend met on the benches of nursing school. In 2018, they created an Instagram account dedicated to their profession. On Nursesvibes (almost 6,000 subscribers), we usually give tutorials to provide care, or we advise students on their orientation. However, since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, the program has radically changed. […]