“The question of state aid does not arise”

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is still at the very beginning of the corona crisis. The feared wave of bad loans has not yet reached the largest domestic money house. But CEO Christian Sewing makes it clear that the bank wants to get through the pandemic without state aid. “Thanks to our strategic realignment coupled with the […]

“The Personal Tohuwabohu Must End”

Dusseldorf In the corona crisis, many people forced their work into their home office. This also applies to Hasso Plattner, the chief executive of SAP: Because he could not attend the general meeting of the software manufacturer due to travel restrictions, he sent a video message from California that the shareholders – whether in the […]

Deutsche Bank wants to make it without the state

Dhe corona crisis is already hitting Deutsche Bank hard. The bank has already applied for the deferral of loans because 120,000 customers are currently experiencing economic losses due to the pandemic. 100,000 of these requests came from private customers in Germany, Italy or Spain, said the bank’s CEO, Chrisitan Sewing, on Wednesday during the general […]

Investors refuse to buy back shares from Deutsche Bank

Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Bank 2019 There will not be that much closeness between CEO Christian Sewing (left) and Supervisory Board boss Paul Achleitner at this year’s online general meeting of Deutsche Bank. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Lots of questions, little folklore – measured by the usual drama, the online general meeting of Deutsche Bank […]

Deutsche Börse wants to catch up with the competition through acquisitions

Joachim Faber The head of the supervisory board of Deutsche Börse, who has been in office since May 2012, is leaving his post. Successor is the long-time IBM manager Martin Jetter. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt Deutsche Börse wants to close the gap to international competition through further acquisitions. Outgoing supervisory board chairman Joachim Faber warned at […]

Dax Group goes into crisis with cash

Dusseldorf The SAP annual report looks like from another time. In a photo, Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan smile as co-board spokesmen, and they end a letter to the shareholders with the sentence: “The best times are ahead – 2020 and beyond.” When the publication came out in February, that was it Abrupt exit of […]

Theodor Weimer causes uncertainty at Deutsche Bank and Deutscher Börse

Theodor Weimer As the chief controller of Deutsche Bank, the 60-year-old would have to withdraw significantly, because the institute does not need a subsidiary CEO. (Photo: Reuters) In his general meeting speech on Tuesday, Deutsche Börse boss Theodor Weimer spoke on many topics. But he does not answer the crucial questions in his previously published […]

Deka wants to discharge the board of directors and the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing The fund company Union Investment already announced last week that it would vote to discharge the board of directors and the supervisory board. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt Deutsche Bank major shareholder Deka wants to stand behind the management board and supervisory board of Germany’s largest financial institution at the general meeting. […]

Virtual general meetings – exception or future model?

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt The camera direction in the Munich BMW world had clear instructions: When CEO Oliver Zipse spoke at the virtual general meeting last Thursday, it should not only be his upper body that was constantly visible at the desk. Again and again the camera took a long shot and showed the new BMW i4, […]

Acquisitions play an important role in the new strategy

Head office of the German stock exchange in Eschborn CEO Theodor Weimer sees the stock market doomed to growth. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt With its new strategy, Deutsche Börse is increasingly relying on takeovers. “Acquisitions will play an important role in this,” said CEO Theodor Weimer in his speech to the Annual General Meeting next Tuesday, […]