the ancient medical objects of the U. of A.

The medical objects with which the Antioquians were treated −who lived more than 150 years ago− will occupy a place in the Museum for Life that the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Antioquia (U. de A.) plans to found. The history of the School of Medicine (today the Faculty) began in 1871 and […]

Antioquia concentrates the largest number of tuberculosis cases in the country

Antioquia is the place in Colombia that registers the highest number of tuberculosis cases, with 2,948 reports in 2021, for which health authorities maintain alerts. This March 24, World Day to Fight Tuberculosis, they emphasize the symptoms so that people can detect them in time. In the department cases are concentrated mostly in people between […]

The millionaire that EPS owes liquidated to the hospitals of Antioquia

The crisis of the hospitals in Antioquia, caused by the non-payment of the EPS, is more suffocating every day. The noose around the neck tightened due to the liquidations of Medimás and Coomeva, which increased the debt to $498,000 million with 17 hospitals in the department. That is why the directors of the entities made […]

Lawyer planned her murder so her son would collect insurance

Lawyer planned his murder so that his son would collect insurance, but he survived. The crime was organized after his wife tragically passed away. It is the story of an influential American lawyer who planned his assassination. However, he ended up being charged with fraud by the insurance company. The case The case of an […]

Alert in Antioquia for the death of three children due to malnutrition

Alert in Antioquia for the death of three children due to malnutrition. The Antioquia Government expressed its concern and put all entities on alert. There has been an increase in the deaths of children due to malnutrition, which is why the departmental administration set off the alarms. They die from malnutrition According to Blu Radio, […]

‘Manolo’ did not accept the charges and lawyer says he will prove his innocence

Ismael Darío Lopera Tangarife, better known as ‘Manolo’, did not accept the charges against him. The man denies the accusations of child abuse and according to his lawyer, “we will prove his innocence.” ‘Manolo’ is in prison On July 10, Ismael Darío Lopera Tangarife, better known under the alias of ‘Manolo’, was sent to prison. […]

President Duque ‘made the move’ to the Providencia community

The president’s visit to the island of Providencia left the inhabitants unpleasant. President Duque ‘made the move’ to the Providencia community. Last Friday, the president visited the island to review the vaccination process. The president also spoke about the progress in home repairs after Hurricane Iota that left the island devastated. During his visit, it […]