Who was Ramses II?

As a sign of good diplomatic faith, Ramesses II married the eldest daughter of the Hittite king. She joined him, his chief queen, Nefertari, and her impressive family – he fathered more than a hundred children – in his new capital, Per Ramessu, who, with some relevance but also a lot of audacity, bears her […]

No bloody chaos. Gladiator matches had order and choreography, the study found

The spectator zone in one of the Roman facilities indicated that the training sessions could be an attraction in themselves. Both players could pay for them to see their opponents and fans who wanted to watch the outlined muscles of their favorites. Where did the corpses go? Scientists are solving the mystery of the Battle […]

In Caen, the counterfeiters of a priceless ancient currency unmasked

At the origin of the illicit reproduction of a very rare aureus dated mid Iis century BC. BC, two men were tried before the criminal court. Justice gave them back their coins. Two men aged 66 and 48 were tried on Thursday January 6 for counterfeiting and complicity in counterfeiting at the Caen Criminal Court. […]

Israel, a cross sword recovered from the sea – Culture & Shows

A sword from nine centuries ago was accidentally recovered in recent days by an Israeli diver immersed in the waters in front of Mount Carmel (Haifa). According to reports from the Israeli Department of Antiquities, it lay on the seabed, covered in a layer of sand just removed from the current. Among the wreckage of […]