Texas defies Biden, contradicts mandatory vaccination order

The Governor of Texas, the republicano Greg Abbott, today signed a executive order which establishes that no company in its state can ask its employees getting vaccinated against covid-19, which poses a challenge to the American president, Joe Biden. Biden a month ago announced that his government plans obligate to most of the private company […]

YouTube to ban videos and channels with disinformation about vaccines

The issue of vaccination had an important boom after the arrival of vaccines against covid-19 and has generated endless opinions, among which are anti-vaccine positions. Although each person is free to decide whether to vaccinate or not, the truth is that people who share public content in the media and social networks must be responsible […]

4-year-old girl died of covid in her sleep: mom was anti-vaccine

A 4-year-old girl, named Kali Cook, died of covid in the town of Galveston, in the United States. The fact has shocked this community, even more so because the girl had no history of health problems and the coronavirus only manifested with a fever before the terrible outcome, which occurred while she was sleeping. According […]