Exalting the Latin Community: The Stories and Art of Julio Anta

The images on the pages help tell the stories created by Cuban-Colombian American writer Julio Anta. With his works he seeks to exalt the stories of the Latin community. “Try to inspire the readers who are reading the books. If they are Latino, I want them to see themselves in the books. And if they […]

Meet Ángel Hernández: The First Official Latino Historian of the Bronx

The historian Ángel Hernández talks about some curious facts about his county. Hernández is the first official Latino historian of the Bronx and they claim to be the youngest to reach this position in the city. “I feel very proud for researching the history of the Bronx, talking to people, visitors, tourists, it gives me […]

Bianca Marroquín returns to Broadway with the musical Chicago

Mexican actress Bianca Marroquín returns to Broadway in the musical Chicago, reprising the role of Velma Kelly, a legendary role in musical theater. This after she made her debut 20 years ago in the role of Roxie Hart, in the same musical. “To begin with, it was a great honor when I was given the […]

Reactions to the project to create parking permits

Finding parking or parking in New York can be a headache for many, like Dionisio Blanco, a taxi driver with 40 years in the job. “In Washington Heights it is very difficult for you to find a parking space, anywhere, you look over there, wherever you look the park is zero. If you arrive in […]

Marcela Guerrero, art curator at the Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum of Art Curator Marcela Guerrero talks about the importance of “There Is No Post-Hurricane World: Puerto Rican Art After Hurricane Maria”. An exhibition that together with the work of 20 Puerto Rican artists shows the history of Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria. Guerrero is the first curator of Latino and Puerto Rican art […]

Volunteers distribute food to seniors in need

In order to get them kits of food to people over 60 years of age and with the greatest food need in the city, several volunteers met this Saturday under the call of Food Bank NYC organization. “This work is very necessary, it is an honor to help people who need the most and especially […]

Teacher promotes reading in English and Spanish in the Bronx

These are the images that fill Paul Asjes with joy, the reason he became a teacher 11 years ago following in his mother’s footsteps, and the motivation to go beyond the classroom and self-publish two children’s books. “I decided to write a book like the one I would have liked to read as a child […]

Fire hits family of Dominican origin: two dead

The Bronx woke up in mourning. The fire that has devastated a family of Dominican origin occurred early Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day, in apartment 2B at 1730 Harrison Ave. “In the morning, when I looked outside I saw all the firefighters and all the revolt and when I ran downstairs, I saw the tragedy there,” […]

‘I’m not leaving here without my turkey’: Mercedes

“I’m not leaving here without my turkey.” Thanksgiving Day or as we Latinos call it ‘El Día del Pavo’ is just around the corner and thousands of New Yorkers do not have the resources to afford dinner. Such is the case of Mercedes Guillén, 75, who is a widow and lives alone in Washington Heights, […]

NYCHA residents continue to denounce

Following the complaints from Zujeiry Sánchez, a resident of this building located at 1240 Clay Avenue, we were able to verify that her complaints are real and that they affect her daily well-being. Despite his constant calls to NYCHA or the Housing Authority, the property’s owners to fix the damage, go around it and don’t […]