Death of Idir: the voiceless Kabyle people

The hecatombe, it is the word which returns from now on in the flow of the networks so much the dead follow one another on the side of music. The latest, that of Idir, 70, announced by the family on the official Facebook page: “We regret to announce the death of our father [à tous], […]

“If you see my mother”, the archetype of the “Jewish mother”

Abusive mothers have long been the honey of filmmakers and creators of series. Jealous, manipulative, suffocating, disliked or unlovable, even downright unworthy, they exert their grip on their offspring, from horror films to the most joyful comedies. In 1989, in Le Oedipus plot, one of the three sketches of New york stories, Woody Allen imagined […]

Anaïs Nin, “a vigor and a disorder in the will to say everything”

Aggregate of English, the novelist Agnès Desarthe (the Luck of their lives, 2018) is also a translator. She gave the French version of more than thirty books, among which, in the editions of L’Olivier, the birds of the sky by Alice Thomas Ellis, and recently A little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all by […]

Anti-doping: Chinese swimmer Sun Yang suspended eight years

Hammer blows that will cost him eight years of suspension: the Sports Arbitral Tribunal (TAS) made its decision this Friday concerning the Chinese swimmer Sun Yang, accused of having destroyed (not very delicately therefore) a sample during an unexpected doping control in September 2018. “Sun Yang is suspended eight years from the CAS decision”, the […]

“La Parisienne”, a myth since beautiful lorette

The Parisian stands out for its “Organic link to fashion and clothing” and by his way of being in the world. Identified by Rousseau in the New Heloise, it owes its existence to the displacement of the court of Versailles to the capital, effect of the Revolution. Notwithstanding, it is not limited to this figure; […]

L’éclair Fontaine – Culture / Next

Fifty-five years of career and twenty albums on the clock: Brigitte Fontaine has never returned to the ranks. Insubmissive, unpredictable, theatrical, provocative. She is a punk and wild figure, a subversive and rebellious icon. Contrary to social conventions and taboos, the priestess of independence of mind allows herself words, expressions, and scents of her own. […]

Hollywood’s last big sacred monster Kirk Douglas is dead

Hollywood’s last big sacred monster Kirk Douglas is dead Disappearance. His dimple in his chin and his smirk were as legendary as his films: actor Kirk Douglas, icon of the golden age of Hollywood, died Wednesday at the age of 103, announced his son Michael . “(…) For the world, he was a legend, an […]