Talks over the Libyan truce stall in Moscow | International

Khalifa Hafter (right) greets Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigú on Monday. On video, the continuity of the truce in Libra is in danger. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF T | Video: REUTERS The peace talks for Libya have not yet come to fruition in Moscow. Khalifa Hafter, the Libyan strongman, left the Russian capital […]

The aid proposed by the Eurogroup would amount to 35,000 million for Spain | Economy

The European summit on Thursday the 26th ended without an agreement between the main European leaders and with a confrontation between the countries of the north and those of the south. The meeting, which sought to find a common framework for response to the coronavirus crisis, ended up muddled by more passionate than technical arguments, […]

Brussels presents its digital Digital package ’, which will regulate data use and artificial intelligence | Technology

Vice President Margrethe Vestager and Commissioner Tierry Breton will present today the so-called EU Digital Package, a set of measures that aims at a strategy to strengthen digital services, exploit non-personal data to create greater economic benefit and develop the artificial intelligence in an ethical, safe and responsible manner. This presentation constitutes the first major […]

Trump will present his peace plan for the Middle East in full ‘impeachment’

Two presidents in trouble will meet on Tuesday to discuss an ambitious peace plan for the Middle East that has not been consulted with the Palestinians, but will be masterful when it comes to distracting attention from what bothers them most: Donald Trump, the political trial to disable him that is celebrated in the Congress, […]