At least 25 investigators deployed in an investigation into fatal assault Arnhem | NOW

At least 25 detectives are engaged in the investigation into the fatal assault of a 73-year-old man in Arnhem, the police said on Friday. Thursday afternoon, an eighteen-year-old boy and four minors were arrested. The young people arrested come from Rozendaal, Westervoort and Arnhem. The five suspects are still in detention and will be questioned … Read more

Arnhemmer who drove armed robber to death gets no punishment NOW

The Arnhemmer who drove to death in 2017 an armed man who had robbed him, is not punished. The Arnhem District Court will release the man from prosecution on Wednesday because Albert K.’s emotions have been so “intense and intense that he was unable to think reasonably”. On March 30, the family had an appointment … Read more