In Paris, the squatters of the La Clef cinema still resist

VShe ticket is from the new daily newsletter of the Culture department of Release, sent every evening. To register, simply enter your email address here. Occupying the cinema at all costs, even during periods of confinement. Make it his playground like the sleepwalker schoolchildren of Driving Zero – image of rebellion projected by the cinema […]

At war with boredom: barred western, surrealism and variƩtoc

1-With opium western Those who have retained the name of S. Craig Zahler for his remarkable thriller Dragged over the bitumen, released directly on video on demand and in the hollow of last summer, will be delighted to learn that his first feature has landed on Prime Video. Released in 2015, Bone Tomahawk works the […]

Cinema: distribution facing the confinement puzzle

On March 14, when spectators learned of the cinemas’ decree being closed until further notice, reactions from some suggested that devotees had taken the altar away. For the distributors, the shock was no less severe. There are those who had bet on maintaining the release of their film in theaters on March 11, despite the […]