The Opel Astra arrives as a station wagon: The large trunk also has a smart floor

Shortly after the introduction of the hatchback, the Astra palette is complemented by a more practical station wagon. It attracts mainly the volume of the trunk and motorization into the socket. The new generation of the Opel Astra was officially introduced to the world in September, so those interested in a station wagon with a […]

The Opel Astra Estate has arrived!

The Opel Astra Grand Tourer comes with 110-130-horsepower internal combustion engines and two 180- and 225-horsepower hybrid units. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard on hybrids and optional on petrol and diesel engines. Based on the Stellantis floorboard, the new Astra station wagon is shorter than its predecessor, but has a much wider wheelbase – […]

Astra Successfully Tests Rocket Launch, Passes To The Sky!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A rocket maker company from the United States (US), Astra, successfully conducted a test launch of its rocket on Saturday (11/20/2021). The rocket reportedly made it into orbit. Quotes CNBC International, The rocket, dubbed LV0007, was launched from the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak, Alaska and carried a test payload for the […]

New Opel Astra L Astra 2022

It is rarely stated that a total of three of them exist from Cabo da Roca to the western slope of the Urals, and two of these can be seen in Hungary. Opel has managed to bring two of the three Astra L prototypes available in Europe to Hungary so that we can view and […]

Good news, “Nonprom” changed the formula “cross-form vaccine” to Astra-Pfizer.

“Non Phrom ready to work” announced the change of “cross-form vaccine” from the 1 Sinovac needle to “AstraZeneca”, with the second needle being “Pfizer”. 13 Nov. 64 Facebook page, Nonthaburi Provincial Public Health Office. Post a public relations announcement titled “Non Prom, ready to work” to change the “cross-form vaccine” from the 1 Sinovac needle […]

Foreigners Fight for Shares in 3 Big Cap Banks, UNVR-ASII Sale

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) closed in the red zone on Monday (25/10/2021), after trading in the green zone in the first session today. The country’s benchmark stock exchange index closed down 0.27% to 6,625.697. In the first trading session today, the JCI closed up 0.5% to 6,655.82. However, around […]

Totalcar – Magazine – You can get an upgraded version of the new Astra

Opel also seems to be riding the off-roading trends so popular today. There are currently two official versions of the latest Astra released this year: a five-door hatchback and a station wagon. A subspecies of these two versions could be the crossovered Astra. 12 Gallery: The all-new Opel Astra is unveiled Other manufacturers have long […]

Coal Records US$ 200/ton, This Row of RI Tycoons is Getting Richer!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coal is one of the vital energy commodities for Indonesia, not only contributing to foreign exchange through taxes and royalties paid to the state, coal also has an important role in national electrification and is still the main energy source with low costs. However, coal has a long carbon chain, its […]

Opel would attack with fresh SUVs and old Astra

Opel held its first event for the transformed Hungarian importer. With an almost unchanged background and network since the beginning of the year, but a new company, Wallis Automotive Europe, is acting as the brand’s importer. The event was the Hungarian presentation of the renewed Opel Grandland, but Attila Dalos, Opel’s new Hungarian director, also […]