the perfect coffee formula

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – Science allows us to answer one of the fundamental questions of humanity: what does a premium espresso look like? Through Leading European Newspaper Alliance LENA Surrounding himself with chemists, physicists and computer scientists Christopher Hendon came to the conclusion that to obtain a higher quality espresso, it is necessary to reduce […]

The electric car, the most ecological vehicle or a false miracle solution?

If the production of its battery increases its ecological balance, it becomes more and more interesting over the kilometers. Fabrizio Bensch / X90145 At the question: “Is the electric car more ecological than a thermal car (petrol or diesel)?The answer seems obvious: “Yes”. It does not directly emit carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the main […]

A quarter of fish populations are overfished in France

There is a finding of failure and hope, in the 2019 assessment of fish caught in France, published Friday, December 31 by the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer). It is now a given that Europe will not reach its target of 100% sustainable fishing by 2020. But the efforts made […]

the Institut Pasteur promises a vaccine in 20 months

Thanks to the first cases in France, the scientists of the prestigious institution managed, in a few hours, to unlock the secrets of its genetic code. Around the world, the race to find a treatment has started. Apart from infected people, no human on earth can claim to have natural immunity against this virus. STRINGER […]

the medical profile of the first cases of infection

Symptoms appear on average 4 to 7 days after contamination. While Chinese diplomacy is active behind the scenes to prevent the WHO from declaring “an international public health emergency(Which she will finally do on January 30), cases are piling up in Wuhan. HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP It will undoubtedly be the most widely read medical […]

the signposted journey of suspect patients

First step: determine, by specific questioning, whether the case is “excluded” or “possible” according to criteria established by the health authorities. On a street near Wuhan Hospital, January 30, 2020. HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP “As long as there are very few cases, we are okay. If there are very many cases, there will no longer […]

Astrophysicists observe space-time dragging stars

Artist’s impression of the Parkes radio telescope observing a white dwarf binary pulsar.Illustration: Mark Myers, ARC Center of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery Scientists have observed that a rotating star drags space-time along with it, according to a new article. Today’s physicists spend a lot of time trying to refute the claims made in Albert […]

foreigners leave China en masse

Correspondent in Beijing As capitals around the world evacuate their stranded expatriates in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, China is repatriating its nationals to the infested area. “The government has decided to send civilian aircraft as quickly as possible to return directly to Wuhan” residents of Hubei Province who are currently abroad, Foreign […]

Hydrogen would be transformed into metal

French physicists have observed a new state of the most abundant element in the Universe. Hydrogen is the most abundant constituent of the Universe and the simplest atom (illustration photo). 192820893 / Anusorn – This may be a new page in physics that French researchers have just written. For the first time, hydrogen transformed […]