A supposed trading platform is deceiving crypto investors

Cryptocurrency scams Investors make supposedly high profits. But the money cannot be paid out. (Foto: mauritius images / StellaPhotography / Alamy / Alamy Stock Photo) Düsseldorf The prospect of quick wealth through cryptocurrencies not only cost Hartmut Worm almost 35,000 euros, but also his health. “It all affects the nervous system: in the end you are […]

For the first time also for the insurance business

Allianz Among other things, the group wants to insure more climate-friendly vehicles. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Allianz has set new climate targets for 2030. For the first time, this also includes measurable specifications for the insurance business. Europe’s largest insurer sees itself as an industry pioneer with a comprehensive plan for achieving the so-called net-zero target. […]

Is a home savings contract worth it now?

Munich Bausparkassen are currently on a roll: In the first half of 2023, private Bausparkassen alone signed new contracts totaling EUR 38 billion. That was another ten percent more than in the already very strong first half of 2022. According to industry experts, business at the state building societies, the second large building society group, […]

You should know these 7 typical mistakes in construction financing

Construction site home Building is more expensive than it has been for a long time. Image: Ingo Bartussek – stock.adobe.com The fact that loans with ten-year fixed interest rates have become more expensive so quickly within ten months is unprecedented. The jumps in interest rates in the 1990s, when the average building loan interest rose […]

Introducing the Versatile and Advanced Security Camera with Smart Features

– Surface and flush mounting possible, housing available separately – LAN connection (PoE capable) – 2-way audio – Ultra wide angle lens, 720p, night vision, 12 infrared LEDs – 4D motion sensor, RFID reader – 2 freely configurable bistable switching relays Offene API:Local interface for integration with 3rd party and SIP systems Video and audio […]

Alumni of ESMA MONTPELLIER shine in the film Ninja Turtles

More than fifteen ESMA alumni in the credits of the film Ninja Turtles – Teenage Years! On August 9, the animated feature film by Jeff Rowe and Kyler Spears, “Ninja Turtles – Teenage Years” will be released. The film, which intends to give new life to the cult characters of the 1980s, has a large […]

Lufthansa achieves record profit with higher ticket prices

Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr The Lufthansa CEO presents very good figures. (Foto: imago images/sepp spiegl) Dusseldorf After the highest group result that Lufthansa has ever achieved in a spring quarter, Europe’s airline with the highest turnover is increasing its profit expectations for the current year. It is now assumed that more than 2.6 billion euros will […]

Lower US credit rating weighs on Wall Street

New York Rating agency Fitch’s downgrading of the United States’ credit rating has pushed Wall Street into the red. The Dow Jones index of standard values ​​closed around one percent lower on Wednesday at 35,282 points. The tech-heavy Nasdaq fell 2.2 percent to 13,973 points. The broad S&P 500 lost 1.4 percent to 4513 points. […]

Pfizer more cautious about annual sales – after Corona: profit slump in the quarter

NEW YORK Pfizer now calculates 67 to 70 billion US dollars for the consolidated annual turnover, after previously envisaging revenues of up to 71 billion dollars. The Group confirmed its earnings target for the current year. Group sales fell 54 percent year-on-year to $12.7 billion in the second quarter after the coronavirus vaccine business provided […]

Social Chain blames Lars Windhorst for bankruptcy

Düsseldorf, Berlin Social Chain’s last hope was apparently Lars Windhorst. According to information from the Handelsblatt, just a few days ago, company boss Georg Kofler and Windhorst talked about the modalities of a capital increase. Windhorst is said to have promised three million euros as a so-called backstop investor for the faltering social media company. […]