The unique LaFerrari prototype goes to auction, including camouflage

The significantly modified Ferrari 458 Italia was used for the first phase of development of the LaFerrari model between 2011 and 2012. The fate of prototypes and development cars is not exactly famous. In the best case, the carmaker keeps the cars and uses them for further development, but in most cases they are destroyed […]

Sri Mulyani Responds to News of Auction of MotoGP Racers’ Goods Received by Spectators

Jakarta – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati opened her voice about the public outcry that was furious because of the alleged Ministry of Finance auctioning off MotoGP racers’ goods. Sri Mulyani straightened, the items being auctioned did not belong to the racers but merchandise from MotoGP Indonesia. He also emphasized that the auction proceeds were […]

“MS Stadt Düsseldorf”: “White fleet” threatens defeat – dpa

In the dispute over the release of the excursion ship “MS Stadt Düsseldorf”, the shipping company “White Fleet” is threatened with defeat in court. The district court in Düsseldorf made that clear on Tuesday. Four Cologne restaurateurs have sued the “White Fleet”. They bought the 51-year-old ship at an online auction at the end of […]

Nobility from the House of Württemberg

Dhe provenance of nobility guarantees success should be proven again by a special auction that Neumeister is dedicating to the contents of 60 wooden boxes with the initials HFvW branded into them on March 30th as part of his spring auction. Duke Ferdinand of Württemberg (1925–2020), a cousin of the current head of the house, […]

Auction on a collection of vintage motorcycles in Chartres

The auction house Ivory Chartres organizes two sales per year of vintage motorcycles. On the occasion of the premiere of 2022, the 9 avrilit is not less than 33 lots which will be auctioned. You will be able to discover models roadbut also 60s/70s offroad. Among these motorcycles:Empire Star, Rapide, Black Knight, Comet, Yellow Tank, […]

unprecedented, a Fang Ngil mask reappears after a century

STORY – Acquired around 1917-1918 by René Fournier, who was governor of French West Africa, this room considered exceptional slept in an attic in the Hérault. It will be sold on March 26 in Montpellier. History has everything to please lovers of tribal art in search of the exceptional. Unheard of even. As for Bertrand […]

A half-worn copy of the Harry Potter series sells for thousands of pounds

A nearly worn-out copy of the Harry Potter series has been auctioned for £15,000, which was bought by its owner from a Manchester charity for half a pound in the late 1990s. The edition, which narrates the first part of the famous series, dates back to 1997. It is one of the 500 copies released […]