Women’s basketball hatching reasons with WNBA audiences

Times of crisis tend to become opportunities for the exponential growth of other somewhat reviled disciplines, and although it is true that WNBA he has always enjoyed spectacular quality of play and remarkable attention, no one could have anticipated such growth this season. American women’s basketball is in luck for having encountered an obvious interest […]

Most watched television games NBA television audience 2020

It has been a truly unusual season in the NBA and it shows in television audiences. The problems with China, the stoppage due to the coronavirus, the unfortunate death of Kobe Bryant, the Black Lives Matter movement and its political repercussions … This campaign will be remembered for all these factors that have been able […]

The Pope to the Pharmaceutical Bank: Not having access to medicines is an injustice

Speech of the Holy Father to the members of the Fundación “Banco Farmacéutico”, an institution that was born in 2000 and is in charge of collecting medicines from donors and industries to distribute them in thousands of charitable infrastructures for the care of poor people who cannot acquire these medicines. Renato Martinez – Vatican City […]