Hearing before the CNOSF in Bordeaux: where are we? – Girondins

Yesterday, Gérard Lopez and his team reacted at a press conference for not having been heard during the hearing before the DNCG appeal committee. © Iconsport Gerard Lopez knows what he has to do Today, the motivations of the appeal commission are known. Here are the motivations given by 20minutes : – request for debt […]

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Drosophila have a thing for symmetry

The bright colors, size, song, plumage, the ability of the male to bring back food, to invest in the care of the young and to defend the territory are as many anatomical or behavioral traits which intervene in the choice of a mate by females of many species. This sexual selection constitutes one of the […]

sales of hearing aids soar in 2021

The sector benefited from the “zero charge remaining” implemented by the government. The end of confinements and the reform “100% health” have caused “a historic increase“Hearing aid sales in the first half of the year, with nearly 68% of people equipped more than in 2019, welcomed Tuesday the Union of hearing aid professionals (SDA). The […]