Metaverse: Marketing ploy or revolution?

Düsseldorf Since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made his visions of the Metaverse public, he has been met with both ridicule and encouragement. With the Metaverse he wants to create a virtual three-dimensional world that expands the real world by one level. The idea is not entirely new, but implementation is still in its infancy. You […]

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset: A $2,000+ ‘Game Developer’s Dream’

Will come out, won’t come out? The bets are in for Apple’s augmented/virtual reality headset. While many rumors had agreed on a launch in the fourth quarter, Mark Gurman cooled everyone this week: due to technical and thermal complications, the device could be postponed to 2023 finally. Strongly. But that does not prevent the snooper […]

Facebook renames itself Meta and plunges into the metaverse | Informatic direction

Facebook unveiled several new features, in particular a company name change, during its event Facebook Connect 2021. In his opening speech, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will now be named Meta to more accurately represent the “metaverse” that focuses on augmented and virtual reality. The name change comes as Facebook attempts to move away […]

NBA 2K22 reveals new MyTeam updates – Versus Media México

2K today revealed an in-depth look at the updates coming to MyTeam at NBA 2K22 and featuring a new multiplayer mode, MyTeam Draft, and the upcoming $ 250,000 MyTeam Unlimited Tournament for players to compete in, with one track on PlayStation 4 / Xbox One consoles and another on PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series consoles. […]

It’s scary what Zuckerberg is planning with Facebook

It would develop Facebook from a social media network to a “metaverse company” Mark Zuckerberg, for the next five years, ”The Verge reported on the leader’s plans. And the metaversion is much more than a simple social site: a complete online world where users can play, work, chat virtually, with a virtual reality headset on […]

Imagine Earth already has a release date for Xbox – Versus Media México

On Imagine Earth, Players must protect and care for a fledgling space colony as they battle the looming threat of climate change. Supply resources and energy, establish trade, research new technologies, form alliances, and wage economic warfare in a real-time battle for sustainable survival. The game entered Early Access in May 2014 and has been […]