AvtoVAZ transports cars to showrooms that do not have enough components

AvtoVAZ brings understaffed cars to showrooms. Dealers started complaining about it. Don’t want to miss important news? Then subscribe to the group “Now attention!” in VKontakte. We are talking about LADA Vesta, said Alexei Podshchekoldin, president of the Russian Auto Dealers Association. 70% of imported cars do not have the ERA-GLONASS emergency call function, there […]

AvtoVAZ returned the 16-valve engine to Grant – Autoreview

Photo: AVTOVAZ company AvtoVAZ announced the resumption of production of cars with sixteen-valve engines. The VAZ-21129 engine with a volume of 1.6 liters (106 hp, 148 Nm) returned to the conveyor after almost a year’s break. To do this, the plant replaced many imported components, including pistons, rings and a control unit. Some of this […]

“AvtoVAZ” buys the “Nissan” production plant in St. Petersburg for one euro

On Tuesday, February 7, the relevant documents were signed by the president of “AvtoVAZ” Maksim Sokolov and the general director of the unified company “NAMI” Fyodor Nazarov. Previously, the transaction was approved by the Russian government. As part of the agreement, “AvtoVAZ” purchased 99% of the capital of “Nissan Manufacturing RUS” for one euro, which […]

Russia’s economy is threatened with collapse

Rewrite this content Russian National Bank According to official figures, the Russian economy is doing better than expected, but a look at the details reveals abysses. (Photo: IMAGO/ITAR-TASS) Berlin A bunker mentality has long prevailed in Russia’s economic and financial world. In the truest sense, the Russian government now meets regularly underground to discuss the […]

the share of AvtoVAZ cars in the Russian market exceeded 40%

The domestic auto industry is rising from its knees. So the share of AvtoVAZ cars in the Russian market rose to 42%. This figure was announced by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov in one of the TV shows on November 20. ‚ÄúThis hasn’t happened for a very long […]

Why did the Russians suddenly again massively rush for new cars to Belarus

Probably soon, to stimulate sales, AVTOVAZ will activate regular discounts and new loyalty programs in Russia. However, even without that, the Volga residents offer tasty conditions for the purchase of cars through state support, and they lure them into maintenance with promotions that involve free diagnostics and oil changes. It seems that this is not […]