Bac 2020: the allocation procedures soon in the Official Journal

The 2020 baccalaureate will be very different from its predecessors. Coronavirus requires, no written or oral tests, that continuous assessment and a jury based on the student’s records. These procedures for obtaining the diploma will appear next week in the Official Journal. These texts will first concern the general and technological routes, then the following […]

Will the French baccalaureate oral exam take place?

Will they be the only ones to pass a bac test in the days of the coronavirus? At six weeks before the deadline, hundreds of thousands of first graders do not know if French speaking will be maintained. Due to the epidemic, the other baccalaureate exams were replaced in early April by continuous testing. But […]

Coronavirus reaches the US natural gas market. UU., Once isolated

Fears that the new coronavirus can slow down the world economy have brought already depressed natural gas prices to their lowest level in years. The virus marks the last force of nature to attack US gas producers. UU., Which were already struggling with an abnormally mild winter weather throughout the northern hemisphere. And it shows […]

Within the future of Berkshire Hathaway without Warren Buffett

When Warren Buffett turns 90 in August, it would be natural for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders to celebrate their success and worry about the future of the extraordinary company he built. In his 55 years at the helm as CEO, president and chief investment officer, Buffett turned a troubled textile manufacturer into a conglomerate of $ […]