Ukraine: According to analysts, the Russians managed to advance at Bachmut

The Wagners will now concentrate on attacking directly in the city. KYIV. Russian forces have advanced near Bakhmut, but Ukrainian soldiers are still holding defensive lines in the city, which has been fought for for more than half a year. The progress of the occupiers was confirmed by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army. […]

Wagner mercenaries beg for ammunition from the Kremlin

Next week marks the anniversary of Russian troops invading Ukraine. But that’s not how President Vladimir Putin (70) imagined the anniversary. His armed forces have still not succeeded in taking the small town of Bakhmut, which was important in the Ukraine war. The frustration seems great because: Russia’s warmongers are increasingly clashing. The private mercenary […]

COMMENTARY: Meat grinder and offensive – Alex Švamberk

The Russians are throwing new and new units into the attack, fighting for every house and at the cost of heavy losses, they manage to advance a few hundred meters every week. In a new offensive, they are attacking in five directions and have already surrounded Bachmut. Both Bakhmut and Vuhledar turned into an impassable […]

Do Russian soldiers beat up their own commander here?

Ukraine has released a new brutal drone video from the war zone near Bakhmut. It shows a group of Russian Wagner mercenaries brutally hitting a man with shovels. But this is not a Ukrainian prisoner of war, but their own commander! In the pictures you can see how they carry the apparently seriously wounded in […]

The Russians intensify their shelling, again fire on the Kharkiv region

The area of ​​the front was under heavy Russian artillery and rocket fire, more than 85 times the Russians fired salvo rocket launchers and concentrated mainly on the areas of the hardest fighting, which are taking place near Bakhmut, Lyman and Avdijivka. “Enemy artillery fire hit the area of ​​22 settlements in the direction of […]

Russia is advancing despite Ukraine’s pressure on Bakhmut, London reports

“Ukrainian offensive operations are putting pressure on Russian forces both in the northeast and in the Kherson region in the south,” writes British intelligence in its regular assessment of the battlefield situation. Russia is trying to take control of Bakhmut. The strategically important city significantly damaged by shelling is located in the Donetsk region, almost […]

Odessa attacked from the air. Aim for a huge warehouse

The information about the attack was provided by the spokesman of the Odessa regional authorities, Serhiy Bratchuk. Internet users have published on the network recordings and photos from the attacked place. twitter An attack on a warehouse in Odessa The Unian agency said explosives were probably stored there, but their purpose is unknown. It […]