Lance Armstrong marries girlfriend after 14 years | NOW

Former cyclist Lance Armstrong has married his girlfriend Anna Hansen after fourteen years. The two gave each other the yes in France, fifty-year-old Armstrong shares on Instagram on Tuesday. “Bye. Bye. Ever. Married the love of my life,” the former sportsman captioned some photos from the big day. “It was an evening full of laughter […]

Yuki Kempees and fiancé Lizzy van der Ligt expect second child | NOW

Yuki Kempees and his fiancée Lizzy van der Ligt are expecting their second child. The Kris Kross Amsterdam DJ and the influencer made this known through a video on Instagram. “We already love you, hopefully you will become as beautiful as Jagger”, the two write in a video where Van der Ligt shows her belly […]

Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst married for the fourth time | NOW

Fred Durst is married for the fourth time. The singer of Limp Bizkit has given the yes to Arles in Los Angeles, reports TMZ on the basis of a marriage certificate. It is unknown when 51-year-old Durst and Arles got married. Marriage certificates of famous people in California are only partially accessible. It is known […]

Chrissy Teigen is pregnant again almost two years after stillbirth | NOW

Chrissy Teigen is pregnant again, let the 36-year-old model know on Instagram on Thursday. Teigen describes the past few years as a blur of emotions: in September 2020 the third child of her and singer John Legend was born lifeless. “Joy has filled our homes and hearts again,” Teigen captioned her post. The model was […]

Chateau Meiland producer: ‘Boulevard probably tapped the sound of the wedding’ | Media

02 aug 2022 om 09:48Update: 2 dagen geleden RTL Boulevard “very likely” tapped sound when recording the wedding of Maxime Meiland and Leroy Molkenboer, says a spokesperson for Chateau Meilandproducer Vincent TV against The creator of the reality show confirms this news after messages from Yvonne Coldeweijer, who wrote on her juice channel that […]

Gregory van der Wiel and Rose Bertram end relationship after eight years | NOW

Former football player Gregory van der Wiel and Rose Bertram have split up after eight years, the 27-year-old model reports in the new episode of the YouTube series. Open Card. “I am currently single and ready to mingle“, says Bertram. She also says that the decision to break up was not easy. “You don’t decide […]