Investigation: Serious failures in deployment of US border patrol – International

WASHINGTON – When a US Border Patrol cavalry squadron was used against migrants in the US border city of Del Rio in September, there were serious negligence on the part of the agency, according to a new investigation report. According to the 500-page report published by the US Department of Homeland Security on Friday, several […]

US: Russia behind schedule in offensive in eastern Ukraine – International

WASHINGTON – According to the US, Russia is behind schedule in its military offensive in eastern Ukraine. “We believe (…) that they are behind schedule in what they wanted to achieve in Donbass,” a senior US Defense Department official said in Washington on Friday. The Russian troops are therefore several days behind the original plans. […]

Lula could run in presidential campaign with former rival – International

SÃO PAULO – Former Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wants to campaign with his former opponent Gerardo Alckmin for a possible candidacy in October’s presidential election in Brazil. Alckmin’s Socialist Party proposed him as Lula’s running mate, a video showed on social media on Friday.

Pentagon: Another US$300 million for arms to Ukraine – International

MOSCOW – According to its own account, the Russian military has attacked a military airfield in the Poltava region of Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday in Moscow that attack helicopters and aircraft had been destroyed. In addition, depots for fuel and weapons were hit in the central region.

Brazil: No World Cup victory against Switzerland – International

Switzerland gave – n Brazil at the 2018 World Cup was also the duel between Neymar and Behrami. The Ticino man worked on the Brazilian superstar on every square meter of the pitch. Neymar fell, screamed and wailed. The game ended 1-1 and Brazil failed to win their second World Cup game against Switzerland either. […]

Police: Six dead after snow flurry pile-up in USA – International

WASHINGTON – At least six people were killed in a pile-up in snow flurries on a highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The police announced the number of victims on Wednesday, the accident itself had already occurred on Monday. According to the police, 24 people were injured. 80 vehicles were involved in the serious […]

Letter to the Editor – Criminals must be stopped

Of course, as a foreigner, it is not my place to interfere in the affairs of the Principality, but I can only ask the people of Liechtenstein to support the sanctions of the “West” against Russia/Belarus, because criminals must be stopped, otherwise others will follow their bad example . The principality may be small, but […]