The first savings banks worked with interest rate platforms

Hamburger Sparkasse The institute cooperates with the Deposit Solutions interest platform. (Photo: imago images / Waldmüller) Frankfurt Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) has recently started cooperating with the Deposit Solutions interest platform. Some customers of the largest German savings bank can invest money with other banks via the “Haspa interest rate guides”. This is about time deposit […]

Federal Ministry of Finance gives hope of an independent checking account comparison

The Federal Ministry of Finance assumes that the waiting period will soon come to an end. A certified comparison website should be used “promptly”, a spokeswoman said on request. However, the Covid 19 crisis could result in delays, since the last steps in certification also require on-site inspections, a spokeswoman said. The process serves as […]

Banks and savings banks charge an average of almost ten percent overdraft interest

Berlin For more and more people in the corona crisis it is foreseeable that they will reach the financial limit at the end of the month and have to overdraw their account. Finally, unemployment rises and short-time work rises to unprecedented heights. How expensive it can be for consumers to overdraw their accounts is shown […]

Credit deferrals: consumer advocates warn banks

Frankfurt The debate about possible interest payments for loans deferred in the corona crisis is intensifying. Germany’s top consumer protector Klaus Müller attacks financial institutions that charge interest for the period of the repayment suspension in clear terms: “It must not be that banks enrich themselves during the crisis,” said the head of the Federation […]

With the right online broker through the corona crisis

Online broker The online brokers of securities trading on the stock exchange report a massively increased trading activity around the Corona crash, which continues. (Photo: Joason Briscoe on Unsplash) Cologne When the corona pandemic reached Europe, many investors panicked stocks. Gold and various bond segments also came under the wheels. When it became clear that […]

Companies have to expect negative interest rates from the first euro

Take Hypo-Vereinsbank (HVB) as an example: In a letter to a corporate customer, it said: In the future, they wanted “a 0.5 percent p.a. the daily value-based credit balance. ” The letter from the end of March is available to the Handelsblatt. HVB declares that it already started reducing the tax-free allowances for some customers […]