7 Small Banks Enter Default, Calm Not Yet Impact Category …

loading… JAKARTA – Based on the assessment Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), there are 6-7 bankwho fall into the default category. Even so, economist Indef Nailul Huda said that this had not had a systemic impact on national banking. “Because the problematic bank is relatively smaller than other banks, the impact on national banks is minimal […]

Monte Paschi outsources bad loans in the billions

Monte Paschi The oldest bank in the world was saved in 2017 with an eight billion euro government bailout. (Photo: AP) Milan The shareholders of the troubled Italian money house Monte dei Paschi di Siena have cleared the way for a sale of the oldest bank in the world. They agreed on Sunday to a […]

Shadow banks are becoming more and more important in Germany

Frankfurt skyline Non-banks are playing a growing role in the lending business – also in Germany. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The outbreak of the corona pandemic made many German companies realize how valuable a house bank can be. Anyone who did not have close ties to a bank found it very difficult to get an appointment […]

In the corona crisis, banks get more leeway for loans

The orphaned EU quarter in Brussels The EU Commission (right) is working on new easements for banks. (Foto: Bloomberg) Brussels The EU Commission wants to make sure with a series of reliefs for banks that the financial institutions do not turn off the credit tap. Among other things, the rules as of when provisions for bad […]

The KfW loans are also an aid package for the banks

Headquarters of the KfW banking group in Frankfurt Many companies are currently dependent on loans from the state development bank KfW. (Photo: dpa) The Federal Government’s new KfW quick loans are an oath of disclosure for the German financial sector. With around 1,700 banks and savings banks, Germany has more credit institutions than any other […]

How Bafin boss Felix Hufeld justifies himself

Berlin, Frankfurt Felix Hufeld was more important for the finance politicians this Wednesday afternoon than the Chancellor. The hearing of the Bafin chief in the finance committee should actually end by 1 p.m. at the latest, since then Angela Merkel (CDU) commented on the German EU Council Presidency in plenary. However, from the point of […]

Japan’s major banks defy the crisis with profit forecasts

Tokyo Tatsufumi Sakai, head of Japan’s third largest financial group, Mizuho, ​​gave a thoughtful tone: “We are in an unprecedented crisis, in which demand is currently dwindling and the global economy is slumping,” he warned when presenting the annual balance sheet on Friday. The future is uncertain and he may revise his earnings forecast depending […]

Banks and savings banks charge an average of almost ten percent overdraft interest

Berlin For more and more people in the corona crisis it is foreseeable that they will reach the financial limit at the end of the month and have to overdraw their account. Finally, unemployment rises and short-time work rises to unprecedented heights. How expensive it can be for consumers to overdraw their accounts is shown […]

Regulators criticize the lack of progress at Deutsche Bank

Improving ailing relationships with regulators is a top priority for Christiana Riley. A third of her time is reserved for this, the American head of Deutsche Bank said in an interview with the Handelsblatt in December. “If that doesn’t work, then the energy is wasted on other things,” she said. So far, however, little has […]

Banking sector can survive crisis with some injuries

Federal Financial Supervisory Authority The Bafin held its annual press conference 2020 on Tuesday. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The BaFin financial regulator sees German banks as relatively resilient in the corona crisis. “The banking sector has what it takes to weather the crisis – albeit with some injuries,” said BaFin boss Felix Hufeld on Tuesday. But […]