Why the banking crises don’t end

The banking system in free fall Regulators and politicians around the world are trying to allay fears of a new banking crisis. But the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank and the emergency merger of UBS and Credit Suisse were not the end. Even after the experiences of 2008, it was not possible to regulate the […]

Top bank supervisor warns against watering down the Basel rules

Brussels The supreme bank supervisor of the European Central Bank (ECB) calls for stricter regulation for European banks. Politicians should minimize deviations from the international Basel standards as much as possible, said Andrea Enria on Tuesday at a hearing in the European Parliament’s Economic Committee. The EU Commission, member states and European Parliament are currently […]

Why banks are now rejecting so many real estate loans

house building Financing based on small surpluses “is no longer easily waved through.” (Photo: Mauritius images / Ralf Gerard) Frankfurt The number of newly granted home loans is lower than it has been for many years. This is confirmed by banks and intermediaries. However, this is not due to a lack of demand, as a […]

How resilient are Italy’s banks?

Unicredit Tower in Milan The second largest bank in Italy has lost more than nine percent in value at times in the past. Credit: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire Rom The news from Switzerland also caused unrest on the Italian stock exchange this week: on Wednesday, the FTSE MIB stock index, comparable to the German Dax, fell by […]

UBS and the ailing Credit Suisse are discussing a possible takeover

ZÜRICH The Swiss regulators have informed their US and British counterparts that a merger of the two banks is their “Plan A”, the newspaper continues. When asked on Saturday, UBS and Credit Suisse said they would not comment. The Financial Times writes that there is no guarantee that an agreement will be reached. The lurching […]

Credit Suisse borrows up to CHF 50 billion

Entrance area of ​​the Swiss National Bank Credit Suisse wants to take out loans of up to CHF 50 billion from the SNB. Bild: imago images/Andreas Haas Zürich Surprising turnaround at Credit Suisse: The ailing Swiss bank now wants to take out loans from the Swiss National Bank (SNB) of up to CHF 50 billion (EUR […]

Banking Association sees no direct dangers for German institutions

After SVB bankruptcy, Biden urges greater regulation of large banks US President Joe Biden wants to strengthen the supervision and regulation of large banks after the bankruptcy of California’s Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). “I am determined to hold those responsible for this mess accountable and to continue our efforts to increase oversight and regulation of […]

Major shareholder leaves Credit Suisse and questions the future of wealth management

Swiss credit In the 2022 financial year, the bank suffered its highest loss since the financial crisis at CHF 7.3 billion. (Photo: Reuters) Zürich Long-time Credit Suisse shareholder Harris Associates has left the crisis-ridden Swiss bank completely. Harris began reducing its stake in October and has now completely divested itself of it, Harris vice president […]

Banks benefit from customer inertia

Bank towers in Frankfurt Most banks do not yet pay interest on call money. Your customers won’t run away either. (Photo: dpa) The European Central Bank (ECB) has raised interest rates several times. The interest on deposits, which is decisive for commercial banks, is 2.5 percent. And yet most banks in Germany do not pay […]

The federal government assumes export risks for medium-sized companies

The Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Finance have agreed to make it easier for German medium-sized companies to do business with other countries by providing loan guarantees. This will help the German economy to spread its export buyers more widely and reduce geopolitical risk. Finance State Secretary Florian Toncar (FDP) said: […]