effective protection, says hamster study

An experiment carried out with these small rodents made it possible to demonstrate that the mask did indeed make it possible to limit the airborne transmission of the coronavirus. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have divided 52 animals into two groups, the first of which (a quarter of the individuals) have been inoculated […]

With “Corona-Minus”, Aldebert educates children

STORY OF THE DAY – The hero of the little ones has imagined a song and a clip on barrier gestures. It will be broadcast on France Télévisions from May 22. The singer Aldebert, star of the playground, but not only. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP Should we introduce the singer Aldebert, this indisputable star of […]

Veolia to continue testing employees at Covid-19

The government has published a guide that prohibits this practice for businesses. By Emmanuel Egloff and Keren Lentschner Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia: “We absolutely need to reassure our employees.” François BOUCHON / Le Figaro It’s more than a tantrum. Veolia, which has started testing its employees at Covid-19 a few days ago, will continue […]