Due to the crisis, Basf and Axalta stop producing car paints in the country

In the case of the German firm Basf, It will move part of the production from its factory located in the Buenos Aires municipality of Malvinas Argentinas to Brazil. Although the announcement was made in the last hours, the definitive relocation to the industrial zone of Sao Bernardo do Campo, San Pablo, will take place […]

Axalta leaves the country and Basf stops producing paintings in Argentina | Business Opening

The complex macroeconomic context resulting from Covid-19 and the recession in which Argentina is submerged led two important manufacturers of automotive liquid and powder coatings to review their operations in the country: the American company Axalta Coating Systems announced that it is withdrawing from the Argentine market, while the German Basf will stop producing in […]

How companies were rebuilt

New beginning despite catastrophic war damage: the Bosch plant in Stuttgart 1945 Picture: Getty Germany’s capitulation in 1945 ended the Second World War. Many companies started the difficult reconstruction only days later, as the examples of Daimler-Benz, BASF and Bosch show. AUntil 1945, Hitler’s criminal war had left large parts of Europe in ruins. Germany […]

Interview with Saori Dubourg and Oliver Blume

But is it worthwhile for a company to take social and environmental considerations into account? This is what drives BASF board member Saori Dubourg and Porsche boss Oliver Blume. Your corporations are members of the still young “Value Balancing Alliance”. The Werteallianz works to measure corporate contributions for society in money. Ms. Dubourg, Mr. Blume, […]

BASF cuts 3,000 jobs in Ludwigshafen

Dhe chemical company BASF plans to cut 6,000 jobs worldwide by the end of 2021, 3,000 of them in Germany alone. The majority are located in Ludwigshafen, a BASF spokesman said on Thursday. The jobs are to be eliminated in the course of a corporate restructuring by the end of 2021, the chemical company said. […]

Controversy over independence continues

Dusseldorf What fluttered into the house of the administrative judges in Karlsruhe a few days ago could be a delicate matter. Cologne lawyer Claus Schmitz’s lawsuit, the reason for which he submitted on Tuesday, is not just about the clash of fundamental rights. Where does university confidentiality end? Where does the citizen’s right to free […]

Analysts cut their estimates for the Dax companies

Dusseldorf “The first quarter of 2020 was not a normal quarter. That will also apply to the second quarter and probably for the entire year, ”said BASF CEO Martin Brudermüller at the end of last week when presenting the figures for the first quarter. It is the first record in corona times. BASF deleted the […]

In large crises, companies need their shareholders

Throughout Germany, dividends are likely to decrease by a quarter this year compared to the previous year – and the trend is falling as long as there are no dates for many virtual general meetings and companies can still reduce the dividends that have already been announced. Such considerations are absolutely necessary in terms of […]

Corona and the stock exchanges: equity strategies for the crisis

Cell cultivation at Sartorius The laboratory supplier’s share is the top value in the Goldman-Sachs share basket for European companies with stable sales growth. (Photo: Sartorius AG) Frankfurt V or U? That’s the question Sharon Bell is hearing most often from investors right now. Fund managers want to know about the equity strategist at US […]

Uniper boss complains to the federal government about hydrogen

Andreas Schierenbeck’s impatience is growing. The CEO of the Uniper Group would like to go ahead with the topic of hydrogen, but the political framework is missing: “We are ready to take the path into the hydrogen economy. But this also requires clear signals from politicians, ”Schierenbeck told the Handelsblatt. But the economy has to […]