AustrianSkills 2020 from November 19th to 22nd in Salzburg: Register now!

01.07.2020 Vienna (OTS) – AustrianSkills 2020, the Austrian state championships for professions, will take place from November 19 to 22, 2020 as part of the Career Info Fair (BIM) in Salzburg. The application deadline for AustrianSkills was extended until September 30th due to Covid19. The Austrian professional state championships are the basis for qualifications for […]

Throw the Around Hounds Resort at this Free Event – NBC Los Angeles

What to Know Monday, February 17 Free Programs that target dogs during the day (children welcome before) Even if we live with Lassie or Laddie, and we know how they eat, they play, they decide and you engage with the world on a minute to minute basis, our knowledge can be stepped up. always in […]