NBA Rumors: Options Kevin Durant signed by New York Knicks

In the American league anything is possible and NBA rumors around the figure of Kevin Durant they remain incessant and full of interest. That one of the best players in history has opened the door to his transfer in such an obvious way, generates incessant activity in all managements, eager to find a way to […]

Shaquille O’Neal: “Stephen Curry is the biggest problem in the NBA”

Since becoming an analyst after the end of his legendary career as an NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal He has been one of the figures who has been in the midst of the controversy that may have arisen due to his own statements. Recently, the legend of the North American basketball competition has done the same […]

NBA rumors: Derrick Rose, Knicks trade options

A season full of changes in the sports project of New York Knicks and it seems that Derrick Rose has no place in it. Despite his good performance in the secondary role and generating points off the bench, this experienced point guard has seen how his role becomes meaningless now that Brunson has arrived and […]

NBA rumors: Donovan Mitchell to Dallas Mavericks for Doncic

The time has come to be bold and creative, to detect a unique opportunity this season and take risks in the transfer market. That is what is proposed Dallas Mavericks who, after losing Brunson, wants to sign a great player who increases the chances of success and gives guarantees to Luka Doncic to fight more […]

NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant options to Philadelphia 76ers

A great earthquake shakes the foundations of the best basketball league in the world since Kevin Durant made public its intention to listen to offers to leave Brooklyn Nets. That one of the best players in history pronounces himself so clearly and at the beginning of the period to make movements, can not cause anything […]

Jalen Brunson leaves for the New York Knicks in exchange for 104 kilos

NBA Market: Jalen Brunson will sign four years with New York Knicks in exchange for 104 million dollars. The player has not even heard of the possible offer from the Dallas Mavericks. The Texans ruled out the option to renew him for 56 million in February and now they pay for it by losing him. […]

NBA rumors: Dallas Mavericks want Myles Turner, with Wood

The time has come to make a firm commitment to success that cannot be postponed. That seems to be the opinion of the management of Dallas Mavericks since there are numerous NBA rumors about the possibility that they persevere in a major signing, as it would be Myles Turner. The Indiana Pacers center continues to […]

NBA rumors: Jalen Brunson opts for New York Knicks

The two teams that are best positioned are to acquire the services of Jalen Brunson from the next season 2022/23 are Dallas Mavericks (in this case he would stay in the team in which he already plays) and New York Knicks. This is what the NBA Rumors have been advancing in recent days in this […]

Three post-draft trades the Celtics should consider

The 2022 NBA Finals (where the Golden State Warriors were proclaimed champions for the seventh time in their history) have shown that in Boston Celtics There are still moves to be made to become a squad truly capable of fighting to win the ring every season. Although the performance of the players of Ime Udoka […]

Boston Celtics and what they can do in NBA Draft 2022

There is a lot of movement around NBA Draft 2022, and not only regarding possible selections. Franchises analyze in detail everything they can extract from a vital event for their future and in which many factors come into play. Boston Celtics sacrificed his first round in exchange for competitive immediacy, with the signing of Derrick […]