Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with many possibilities of going to phase 1

The Ministry of Health It is already studying the technical documentation sent by the governments of the Community of Madrid and Catalonia to move towards phase 1 of the transition plan, as well as the proposal of the Valencian generalitat to stay another week in this phase and the claims of Andalusia and the Basque […]

Pas Vasco 2020 Elections: Pas Vasco and Galicia will call regional elections for July 12

Pas Vasco 2020 Elections Monday, 18 may 2020 – 11:33 Pas Vasco and Galicia will celebrate their elections on July 12. They had been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic Lehendakari Iigo UrkulluLUIS TEJIDOEFE Basque Country.Urkullu insists on calling the elections to be able to pass laws against the coronavirus crisis Theelections in Pas Vascoand […]

Pedro Snchez already breaks the record for high positions by finger in the Government

Updated Sunday,     17     may     2020     –22:44 A small gap made a gap. The law requires that high positions in the ministries, such as CEOs, be appointed by thegovernmentbetween career officials of the State, the Autonomous Communities or the local Entities, belonging to theSubgroup A1. However, the Executive is allowed to impose exceptions if there is […]

The Covid-19 sharpens the autonomous borders of Spain

Updated Sunday,     17     may     2020     –00:04 Almost by surprise, in July 2001, the second government of Jos Mara Aznar reached an agreement with the ten autonomous communities that had not yet transferred the powers of Health to complete decentralization. The Ministry of the sector remained solely with the health management in the autonomous cities ofCeutaandMelilla. […]

The Valencian Community accuses the Government of favoring the PNV in the de-escalation

Saturday, 9 may 2020 – 22:03 Andalusia also attributes the suspense of Malaga and Granada to political and not sanitary criteria Coronavirus | Barcel says they will work hard so that the entire Valencian Community goes to phase 1 The selectivity test carried out by theMinistry of Healthto decide which territories can undertake from next […]

The indelible mark of Jos Luis Lpez de Lacalle

20th anniversary of the murder by ETA JOSEAN IZARRA Andoain (Guipzcoa) Thursday, 7 may 2020 – 01:40 ETA murdered in 2000 the columnist of EL MUNDO in Andoain after being persecuted by the radical environment of the band The body of Jos Luis Lpez de Lacalle, after being killed by ETA on May 7, 2000, […]

The pressure of the CCAA for the end of the bull run overflows Pedro Snchez

Madrid Sunday, 26 April 2020 – 02:38 The regional presidents finalize their own plans before the lack of definition and the silence of the Executive. Catalua and the Basque Country claim to go it alone and follow their own criteria while the rest ask for common guidelines A man passes a graffiti on a street […]

Coronavirus Spain: last hour of the coronavirus in Spain | The United States is already the country with the most deaths in the world due to Covid-19

Symptoms How is coronavirus transmitted and how to treat it Map. Evolution of the coronavirus in Spain The downtrend continues. For the third consecutive day, the number of deaths percoronavirusinSpainhas descended again. 510 dead in the last 24 hours, the lowest number recorded for 19 days. The number of infectionscoronavirusit also continues to decline, while […]

Euskaltel expands its network to 105 villages in Euskadi that did not reach

Euskaltel moves token in Euskadi before jumping into the arena of the state market as a whole. The firm piloted by José Miguel García He explained Friday that he has taken “a definitive step in his goal of bringing the most advanced digital telecommunications services to all the municipalities of the Basque Country through fiber […]