Velvet – Randi – This is how the closure affected Zoltán Bereczki’s relationship

Bata’s relationship with Eva inspired Zoltán Bereczki’s new song. In the composition, the actor reveals to the audience the feelings he experienced during the first period of the pandemic. Regarding the song, Zoltán Bereczki revealed that, like many other couples, they spent a lot of time together during the pandemic, which, although frightened at the […]

Zoltán Bereczki About Dóra Szinetár: We are starting to approach

The path of the much-loved acting couple parted ways ten years ago and has since drifted apart, but according to Bereczki, 46, their relationship is starting to get closer again. Many were heartbroken by their divorce Ten years ago, he surprised the whole country when Dóra Szinetár and Zoltán Bereczki announced that their paths were […]

Zoltán Bereczki went to bed with a mysterious illness

The popular artist told his followers the sad news on Instagram: he got sick, so he missed his latest theatrical performance. Fans of Zoltán Bereczki expressed concern about the health of their pet. He was knocked off his feet by an unknown disease The legendary Hungarian actor-singer Zoltán Bereczki has been knocked off his feet […]