Glyphosate dispute: comparison accepted! Bayer pays EUR 35.8 million – my money

Agreement in the lawsuit of millions in the USA! Bayer agrees on a settlement in the United States in the dispute over allegedly misleading advertising for weed killers containing the active ingredient glyphosate. The German agrochemical and pharmaceutical company agreed to pay $ 39.6 million, according to court documents on Monday (local time). The process […]

Bund is gearing up against Corona – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, the number of Corona cases in Germany rises rapidly. Authorities reported 21 more infected people yesterday. In North Rhine-Westphalia alone there are around 1000 people in domestic quarantine, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said yesterday that the situation had “worsened significantly”. From the federal government’s point of view, various measures are conceivable […]

Coordination against Bayer threats calls for clarification (daily newspaper young world)

The coordination against Bayer threats (CBG) called for clarification on the murder of Mexican environmental activists on Sunday: In Mexico, agricultural engineer and environmental activist Homero Gómez González fell victim to a murder. The 50-year-old disappeared without a trace on January 13, and more than two weeks later his body was found in a water […]