A ten-year-old Citigo can cost more today than it cost new

Did it occur to you in 2012, when the Škoda Citigo was a fresh novelty on the roads, that ten years later this small car could be more expensive used than when it was new? We suspect that most of you did not foresee such a scenario. But he happened. Of course, this is not […]

Renault 19 16S is a forgotten hot-hatch from France. One nice one is for sale now

A number of legendary hot-hatches were born in France, whose names are sure to jump in your head immediately. But do you know Renault 19 16S? The 16S version with an 1.8-liter atmospherically filled four-cylinder expanded the range of Renault 19 versions in 1990. The letter “S” in the name refers to the word “soupapes”, […]

New 911 or old bus? The beautiful Škoda 706 RTO LUX is for sale

The Škoda 706 RTO is often described as the most elegant bus of Czechoslovak production. That’s why nice pieces cost a lot of money today. You can also see it on the specimen, which is currently for sale in the Czech Republic. The LUX bus from 1969 is valued by its owner at 4 million […]

There are two interesting Škoda Trekk for sale. What do you say to prices?

The Škoda Trekka is an interesting car that was created especially for customers in New Zealand. Therefore, when a piece appears for sale in the Czech Republic, it is a relatively rare event. In addition, there are even two Trekks available this time. But let’s first remember what this car is. We have to go […]

Do you remember the Škoda 200R Turbo? This weirdness has over 200 horses

In Czech advertising, you can sometimes come across very strange cars. We will remember one of these today. The term “we will remind you” is entirely appropriate, as the Škoda 200R Turbo is no newcomer to Auto.cz. We wrote about this peculiar garage a year ago in connection with the effort of its owner to […]

The rare Mercedes 560 SEC Koenig is for sale in the Czech Republic

The German company Koenig Specials is responsible for a number of interesting modifications to sports and luxury cars. Especially from the 80’s. And just at their end, a Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC was produced, which subsequently also passed through the hands of the company’s specialists. Today it is for sale in the Czech Republic. According to […]

For sale is a rare Ducati from 2002. It has not even been unpacked yet

At the beginning of the millennium, Ducati sold a limited motorcycle called MH900e. The series of two thousand pieces sold out within 12 hours. One copy recently appeared in an online auction and it is interesting that it is not yet unpacked. The Ducati MH900e was first introduced to the public at Munich’s Intermot in […]