Portugal exceeds 1,000 deaths from coronavirus

The authorities ofPortugalhave raised this Fridayabove the thousand the provisional number of deceased personsby Covid-19, the disease derived from the new coronavirus, after updating the count with 18 additional victims in 24 hours. Specifically, the Portuguese Ministry of Health has registered 1,007 deaths linked to the pandemic,which has already left 25,351 positives,306 more than in […]

Dollar bonds sank up to 9% and country risk exceeds 4,000 points

Simultaneously, the country risk measured by the JP Morgan bank, increases 1.6% and exceeds 4,000 points, reaching 4,051 units, compared to 1,770 points scored at the end of 2019. The National Securities Commission (CNV) ordered that the Mutual Investment Funds (FCI) in pesos must invest at least 75% of their assets in financial instruments and […]

The Mini Cooper SE overcomes “Green Hell” in “Green” mode

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/28/2020 11: 03h save Related news The 20.8 kilometers that make up the Nürburgring track, known as Green Hell tests the exceptional qualities of each car, requiring them to master completely new challenges. And in this case, it was to go through the circuit in «Green» mode and without pressing the brake […]

France exceeds 20,000 deaths from the coronavirus after adding 547 deaths in 24 hours

Civil Protection volunteers transport a coronavirus patient in Paris. / EFE Of the total deaths, 12,513 perished in hospitals and 7,752 in nursing homes and other social and health establishments The general director of Health of France, Jérôme Salomon, has confirmed this Monday 547 deaths in the last 24 hours due to the coronavirus, bringing […]

United States exceeds 700,000 infected

The new coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city ofWuhanit exceeds almost 2.3 million cases and leaves more than 157,000 fatalities in 185 countries around the world, again with the United States setting daily highs, registering 30,500 cases in the last 24 hours, reaching over 716,000 and bordering on 38,000 fatalities amid huge tensions between […]

The coronavirus pandemic exceeds 1.85 million cases worldwide

The new coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan leaves a balance of1.85 million infected people and more than 114,000 fatalities worldwide, withUnited Statess as the most affected country, with more than 550,000 cases and more than 22,100 deaths. According to the global balance of Johns Hopkins University updated at 9:00 am on […]

The CCL dollar shoots up 6% and exceeds $ 100

Stock market dollars had been rearranging upwards in recent days, following greater dollarization by operators amid growing caution, given volatility and risk aversion in world markets. The bullish process in these prices had been gradually developing in recent weeks, since the strong monetary expansion, as a result of the significant issuance of pesos, had been […]

Coronavirus pandemic exceeds 1.6 million cases and 95,000 dead

Thecoronavirus pandemiccounts more than 1.6 million cases worldwide, includingmore than 95,000 fatalitiesand of 355,000 people cured, in a total of 185 countries, beingU.Sthe most affected, according to the balance updated this Friday by Johns Hopkins University. The confirmed cases of Covid-19 are 1,602,885, most of which is concentrated in the United States, with more than […]