The driver fatally hit a pedestrian and drove away. The police are looking for witnesses

The fatal accident occurred on the Białystok-Zabłudów route. Fot: Podlasie Police Photo illustrative On Wednesday (22/06), a man whose identity was not established was fatally hit. The incident took place on the national road No. 19 near the village of Protasy (Zabłudów commune) As reported by Nadinsp. Tomasz Krupa, spokesman of the Podlasie police, the […]

From March 22, passport applications are suspended

From March 22, it will not be possible to apply for a passport for several days. Photo: Anna Woszczenko We will not apply for a passport on March 22-27. Fortunately, it has nothing to do with the queues that have been lining up recently for a document (see: Bialystokers went for passports. Gigantic queues). A […]

Ad n ° 1702120 is not available

The ad # 1702120 you’re looking for is not available. We can think of such situations:– has been removed by the user or moderator,– waits for the moderator’s verification, when there is a suspicion that it violates the regulations,– the fee for a paid advertisement made via online payment or SMS is waiting for verification, […]