Frankfurt: Political Hammer: Mainkai closure is lifted! – Frankfurt

Frankfurt – On Thursday evening, the city council was supposed to renegotiate the closure of the northern Main quay. This is no longer necessary because: an extension of the block is not possible at all! This emerges from a decree by the Hessian Ministry of Transport on the subject of traffic experiments. The closure of […]

ÖAMTC tips: Safe bike transport by car

Rear carrier and towbar more suitable for e-bikes “Regardless of whether with a roof or rear rack – especially with e-bikes, you can quickly reach the load and load limit of the systems,” explains Steffan Kerbl, ÖAMTC technician. Depending on the wheel carrier, you have to pay attention to the permissible total weight of the […]

Pedal, you will have cheese – Culture / Next

Animated photo Emmanuel Pierrot for Liberation If at 50 you didn’t make hay, you missed your life. Haymaking has always been our Rolex. Walking between the swaths of cut grass after the mower has passed is a luxury that cannot be calculated beyond the jewels of Place Vendôme. Remembering our first boots hoisted into the […]

Tried three bicycle taillights

Dbicycles generally do not have a brake light for several reasons. Above all, a brake light was soon not technically easy to implement for a century. Today, electrical energy is available at any time, whether through the hub dynamo or from a battery. The question that remained open until the end is: How is the […]

the electric city bike you need to get around in alarm

YE. Madrid Updated:05/06/2020 01: 43h save Related news The bicycle has become these days the most used vehicle on our streets, and not only for sports, but also for getting around. In fact, it is one of the safest, along with private mobility such as a car or motorcycle. For this reason, Peugeot now adds […]

Visit to the empty Berlin Tegel Airport

VOne day, when it is all over, culture-critical essays will probably explain to us what we see with fresh eyes in these strange months, what we can appreciate in a completely different way and learn to rethink. Until then, we have to gain experience. For example, cycling to an airport that used to be congested […]

Learn how to turn a racing bike into a static one

April 28, 2020 – 08:04 In the midst of the quarantine, interest has been awakened to look for other alternatives and to give a second use to the bicycles to transform them into static ones. Embed After toilet paper, baking powder, baking soda, and flour, exercise bikes have become the new object of desire for […]

The Olympic triathlete Fernando Alarza directs the Oviedo bicycle session

On bicycle Mondays in Oviedo they are counting on exceptional professionals as stage managers. If the Olympic champion Samuel Sánchez led a training session a couple of weeks ago and the cyclist and youtuber Ibon Zugasti did it later, yesterday it was the turn of the Olympic triathlete Fernando Alarza, Olympian in his discipline and […]