Probings in Berlin about the grand coalition: “How absurd is that?” – Politics

Frank Stauss, 58, is familiar with the world of social democrats. The political scientist was significantly involved in the election campaigns for comrades Gerhard Schröder, Peer Steinbrück and Frank-Walter Steinmeier. In Berlin he worked for the governing mayors Klaus Wowereit and Michael Müller. So far, he hasn’t let anything really bad come to the state […]

Special needs level violates the Basic Law: Reduced benefit for refugees overturned

Single people in collective homes “Special needs level” for refugees tilted 11/25/2022, 10:08 am The grand coalition has reduced the benefits for certain single refugees with reference to savings through co-economy. The Federal Constitutional Court sees it differently and declares the regulation null and void. A man who had lived in such a facility for […]

If the boys had voted, Baerbock would be Chancellor

The distribution of votes among young and old is more different than ever in this election. The younger ones prefer the Greens, the older ones have chosen the popular parties. This sentiment also has an impact on the formation of a government. The SPD won the election – but this does not apply to all […]

Bye mini pensions ?: Who is entitled to a basic pension

Wednesday 19th February 2020 The salaries of around 1.3 million people with low pensions are to be topped up from next year. For months, the Union and the SPD haggled over the corresponding basic pension. Who will benefit from it? People with small pensions – despite decades of work – should receive premiums on their […]