The 5 books that Bill Gates recommends to read before the end of 2022

Bill Gates has highlighted that within working life there should always be time to read a good book. Every year the founder of Microsoft shares a list of his recommended reading and this one was no exception. The books include topics such as the impact of climate change, themes of power, gender, novels and different […]

Bill Gates and ex-wife still form a powerful duo after their divorce | backbite

22 okt 2022 om 12:05 Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda have been separated for over a year, but are still working together. Earlier this month, the Microsoft founder announced that they will continue their joint foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for at least 25 years. They have been through a lot together […]

Nobody Stops Gautam Adani – Markets

Publishing a daily “ranking” of the greatest fortunes on the planet, as Bloomberg does, seems to be a job not given to radical changes. But in recent times there have always been news and almost all of them are related to the meteoric rise of the Indian Gautam Adani, the richest man in Asia and […]

Real Smartphone ‘Apocalypse’! Bill Gates Leaks New Technology

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Microsoft founder Bill Gates reveals technology that could replace smartphone. Namely, electronic tattoos, which are currently under development by biotechnology-based company Chaotic Moon. The electronic tattoo aims to analyze and collect information from the human body. The technology will contain medical and sports information BrandTuesday (20/9/2022). The data obtained can prevent […]

Bill Gates Predicts This Smartphone Will Be Replaced

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bill Gates often makes predictions about things around him. This time it is related to smartphones which are expected to be extinct and replaced by a new technology. This technology is known as electronic tattooing. Now biotechnology-based company Chaotic Moon is reportedly developing the technology. The purpose of the tattoo is […]

Index – Tech-Science – Bill Gates made a big move, he can revolutionize air conditioning

Blue Frontier has raised $20 million in investor funds for its innovative air conditioning system. Bill Gates’ company that invests in green technologies, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, contributed the largest amount. Due to the warming caused by climate change, we use air conditioners more and more, which causes more problems. According to research published by the […]