Cimahi and West Bandung ambushed by floods and landslides

Cimahi – The areas of Cimahi City and West Bandung Regency (KBB) were ambushed by floods and hit by landslides after heavy rains, Tuesday (2/11/2021) afternoon. In Cimahi, for example, the flood cut off Jalan Amir Machmud which is the main access to Bandung and West Bandung. Floods as high as 50 centimeters prevented vehicles […]

The Strategy of Bandung Damri Employees Embezzled Rp 1.2 Billion Company Money

Bandung – The Bandung District Attorney’s Office (Kejari) is investigating allegations of embezzlement of funds from the Bandung branch of the DAMRI company of around Rp 1.2 billion. One employee who has become a suspect is suspected of committing corruption in the management of the company’s revenue money (UPP). The embezzlement was carried out by […]

Lovebirds Killed in Lake, Police: Woman Shot-Man Shoots Himself

Tasikmalaya – The following information is not intended to inspire anyone to take similar action. If you feel symptoms of depression with a tendency to think about suicide, immediately consult your concerns with parties who can help, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, or mental health clinics. The couple died in Tasikmalaya from gunshot wounds. Tasikmalaya Police […]

The Moment of Bima Arya’s Wrath in Front of a High School Student’s Awl

Bogor – Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto met RA (18), the main suspect who stabbed to death RM (17), a student of SMAN 7 Bogor. Bima deliberately came to the Bogor City Police Headquarters. Bogor City Police Chief Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Condro accompanied Bima when he met RA. Also accompanying the Head of Criminal Investigation […]

People’s Representative’s Evil Investigation in Indramayu Sugarcane Land

Indramayu – A member of the Indramayu DPRD, initials T, is a suspect in the deadly clash that killed two sugarcane farmers. T was named a suspect for provoking farmers through his organization, namely the South Indramayu Community Communication Forum (F-Thursday). The police secured T at his residence. Officials confirmed that T’s arrest was related […]

5 Regencies in West Java that the Center Highlights on Extreme Poverty

Bandung – Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian said the central government’s target was to eradicate extreme poverty in West Java. As is known, there are five districts that have the highest number of extreme poor people in West Java, namely Karawang, Indramayu, Cianjur, Kuningan and Bandung. “Especially in West Java, there are five regencies that […]

The Mythical Requirements of Mount Thunder, the Lost Place of the Gibran Climber

Garut – Mount Guntur is now a conversation after one of the climbers named Gibran mysteriously disappeared there. From the first this mountain is full of mysteries. Behind the various stories that make goosebumps, Mount Guntur has a winning view that captivates the eyes of every climber. This mountain with a height of 2,249 meters […]