Corona: “On Father’s Day you will see if people can handle the rules”

WORLD: Mr. Meyer, have you already booked your vacation? Reinhard Meyer: Northern Italy. But this vacation will probably not take place. That’s why my wife and I are thinking about alternatives. WORLD: Do you have an idea? Meyer: Black Forest? Moselle? In any case, the vacation in Germany should take place. WORLD: At Pentecost a […]

Holidays in times of Corona: How to relax even without a trip

KSomeone knows stress as well as Sabine Sonnentag. The occupational psychologist, professor at the University of Mannheim, researches the connection between work, stress and relaxation. This also includes vacation, but this year the new corona virus is threatening it acutely. What does it do to us? How can we relax anyway? The psychologist recommends a […]

Black Forest – Breisgau: hiking around Freiburg

No German city gets as much sun as Freiburg im Breisgau, and there are wonderful hikes all around. We can recommend these hiking trails … How to get thereNhikers can easily get to Freiburg by train; e.g. B. Hamburg – Freiburg, change once in Karlsruhe, about 6 hours. Coming from the north, take the A […]

Cheap train instead of cheap flight – WORLD

Z.To greet the guests there was great brass band music from the Trachtenkapelle: This is how Ruhpolding and other holiday resorts in the Alps once received the first package holidaymakers from the northern parts of the country during the economic miracle years. They had had a night on rails, spartan in six-bed couchette compartments. It’s […]

Hiking in the countryside: lonely on the way in German forests

AJust wander through nature – this longing is ancient. In the Romantic period and later, Ludwig Tieck, Joseph von Eichendorff and Heinrich Heine were already enthusiastic about the unique “forest solitude”. Today, between (pausing) overtourism, Instagram lemmings and the all-encompassing corona pandemic, the desire for a wild green idyll far away from the crowds is […]

Spain’s fabulous beech forests in Navarre

Txiri-Miri, ”says Leire, the young forester, and gently holds her face in the fine rain. The onomatopoeic Basque word describes exactly that: drizzle. “Some people only come here because of this,” she says, “especially tourists from southern Spain who don’t know the real autumn or rain.” Tourists from Germany, on the other hand, are rarely […]

Coronavirus: Mortality could also increase in Germany

SSchools, cinemas and theaters are closed, the corona virus is increasingly influencing our everyday life. Scaremongering? Exaggerated measures? The scientific findings suggest that shutting down public life makes sense. Because social isolation can actually brake epidemics efficiently – if it is designed sensibly. More and more is also known about the virus. It is clear […]