DOA: “I admit my taste for Murat”

President of the Prix Landerneau Polar 2020 which rewarded Five Burnt Cards by Sophie Loubière (Black River), Hervé Albertazzi aka DOA is one of the most original black novel authors of the last decade: Pukhtu Primo and Pukhtu Secundo have really rocked the genre. What was the first teen record you bought with your own […]

Blutch rekindles the wick of Tif and Mowed

In the kingdom of revivals, where Asterix, Blake and Mortimer, Spirou and now blueberry are kings, we didn’t expect the arrival of a Tif and Mowed by Blutch in the drawing and his brother, Robber, in the script. The series – conducted in particular in the 50s and 60s by Will, Maurice Rosy and Maurice […]