Two spaces in Sierra Grande were marked as Sites of Memory

The initiative was framed in the actions carried out in conjunction with the Federal Network of Memory Sites, dependent on the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, the Municipality of Sierra Grande, relatives and victims of that repression. The Sierra Grande acts were attended by the Minister of Education and Human Rights, […]

Imprudence: driving with 2.29 grams of alcohol in the blood

They continued through the weekend. control operations on the routes of the region. The inspections are carried out in conjunction with the National Security Agency and by the Cipolletti and Cinco Saltos Road Safety Corps. on national routes 22 and 151. The head of the Cipolletti Road Corps, Ceferino Purrn seal a better informed that […]

Blood dogs – Emmaüs label

blood hounds To run; ever faster. Further away. Flee from the death that hovers above them; bird of prey with gigantic wings whose shadow is already devouring them. Diane chose flight. By instinct. She knows they are behind. Just behind. Minimal, tiny advance. Like his life expectancy now. Yet she walks. Yet she wants to […]

30% of drunk drivers, with 1.5 alcohol in their blood

It is Friday and Saturday, the Road Safety Corps de Cipolletti together with the National Road Safety Agency rCarried out vehicle control operations at the entrance to the province of Ro Negro for the highway bridges and the third bridge. The head of the Road Safety Corps, Ceferino Purrn pointed to Better Informed In the […]

An offer to build the SUM in a historic school in Viedma

The event was held in the historic educational establishment, one of the oldest in the Rio Negro capital, where the President was accompanied by the communal head of Viedma, Pedro Pesatti. On the student’s day we open the envelopes to build the SUM of Elementary School No. 1 and No. 347 of #Viedma, which will […]

They raided a neighbor and found an arsenal

Advance the research of the death of Axel Luna, the 18-year-old who on Tuesday night He was fatally shot in the abdomen in the Álvarez Guerrero neighborhood of Viedma. Those close to the victim pointed out that a neighbor was responsible for the death. The Corps of Judicial Investigations of the Rio Negro force together […]