Norwegian state distributes sex toys |

The Norwegian state has paid for around 4,000 sex aids this year, reports Norway’s public broadcaster NRK. Since 2015, various toys for adults have been part of the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Authority’s (NAV) offer for people with restricted sexual function. Support for sex aids in Norway has more than tripled since the program started […]

Zurich monkeypox infected probably abroad

A 42-year-old man from Zurich became the third Swiss to contract monkeypox. Apparently the patient got infected abroad. The monkeypox virus usually causes only mild symptoms. – Cynthia S. Goldsmith/Russell Regner/CDC/AP/dpa Ad the essentials in brief The third monkeypox case was announced in Switzerland on Thursday. The 42-year-old man from Zurich is said to have […]

A worrying amount of plasticizers in the blood of young people

Microplastics not only contaminate our ecosystems. Plasticizers and other harmful substances contained in it also enter the body via food. There is a risk of health damage. But everyone can protect themselves. water in plastic bottles Watch out for softeners! if it smells stinky Photo: Willfried Wende/Pixabay In the beverage markets, the light PET plastic […]

Corona cases in England at record level in March

London (dpa) – According to a recent study, corona infections in England rose to a record level in March. Researchers at Imperial College London, who have been systematically analyzing the infection process every month since the beginning of the pandemic, came to the conclusion on the basis of PCR tests on a representative sample that […]

Loans for real estate – what should be considered?

When is the right time for a property? Heike Nicodemus: Interest rate developments are of course very difficult to predict. You would need the much-cited crystal ball. At the moment, however, it really looks as if a decent jump in interest rates is underway. When it comes to mortgage lending, the point in time should […]

These quarantine rules apply from May 1st

After most corona measures have been eliminated almost everywhere in the past few days, the quarantine is now to be relaxed. What will then apply to infected people in the future? Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) announced new quarantine and isolation rules on Monday. They should be voluntary from May 1st. However, there is […]

This is how the vaccination obligation in Austria continues – health

In Spain and Sweden, the corona virus is only regarded as flu. Germany has canceled compulsory vaccination. And Austria? Is the coronavirus really just the flu? At least that’s how it seems when it comes to other countries. Because both Spain and Sweden have abolished their pandemic laws. There are no more masks and no […]

Where students are now allowed to learn without a mask

RTL>news> 04. April 2022 – 8:16 Clock Today will be a very unusual day for many children. Hamburg’s students no longer have to wear a corona mask at their desk in the classroom. Teachers are also allowed to refrain from wearing a mask at their permanent workplace. Reading tip: All current information on the corona […]

New regulations on test frequency from April 1, 2022

State dental chambers for Upper Austria, Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Burgenland and Styria are demanding immediate correction The COVID-19 screening regulation, which came into force on April 1, 2022, stipulates that a maximum of five molecular biological tests (PCR tests) per person per month may be used free of charge in the future. There are understandably exceptions […]